b. 1959



1993 Vermont Studio Center Painting Summer

1992-1995 Kansas City Art Institute Painting/ Interdisciplinary Studies, BFA Intermedia

1989-1992 San Antonio Art Institute Visual Arts/Painting

1987 Austin Community College Painting

1985 Washburn University Art Therapy

1978-1979 Oklahoma State University General Studies

1977 Harding University General Studies



2015 Toward the Sea and the Beginning, John DeFaro Event Projects, Miami, Florida

2014 On Becoming, with Mark kuykendall, Chimera, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2014 Thisness, Chimera, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2014 Old Town, in collaboration with Mark Kuykendall and Cheyenne Butcher TAC, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2013 Odds and Ends, Chimera, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2012 Here Comes the Troubled Bread, Lloyd Gallery, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

2010 Scattered Facts, Lloyd Gallery, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

2009 Prairie Noir, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2007 Friends and Foes, with Kim Camp, AKA Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2007 The Invisible Forest, Sauced, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2006 Small Things, State of the Art, Kansas City, Missouri

1994 Das Tragiche Bergin (The Tragic Desire), Cantata 211, Kansas City, Missouri

1994 The Return of the Soul, KCAI, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri

1993 Coat of Many Colors, Keith Nicholson Design, Kansas City, Missouri

1993 Religion and Other Ideas, Works on paper, Unity Temple, Kansas City, Missouri



2018 The Eros Effect, Bridge Red Studios/Project Space, Miami Florida

2016 The Portrait show, Tulsa Art Walk pop up event, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2015 Abacadabra, Art and Culture Center, Miami, Florida

2013 24 Works on Paper, IAO with OVAC, IAO, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2011 Visions in the Paseo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2011 The Blue Lantern, IAO, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2010 Private Opening, Nault Fine Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2010 JRB Gallery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2010 Spring Show, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2009 Fall Show, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2008 Spring Show, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2007 Fall Show, Joseph Gierek Fine Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2005 The Flower Show, Boley Bank Bldg., (Urban Culture Project) Kansas City, Missouri

2003 Both/And, Prospero’s Books, Kansas City, Missouri

1994 The Return of the Soul Intermedia Presentation, Kansas City Art Institute

1994 Creation Spirituality, video, Kansas City Art Institute

1993 Fall Painting Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute

1993 Spring Painting Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute

1993 Summer Show, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont

1992 Fall Painting Exhibition, Kansas City Art Institute

1992 Spring Show, SAAI, San Antonio, Texas

1991 Fall Student Show, SAAI, San Antonio Art Institute

1991 Beyond Time collaborative performance, James Surl's Studio, Splendora, Texas

1990 Spring Show, SAAI, San Antonio, Texas



2005 The Flower Show (organizer/facilitator with Gypsee founder, Mikal Shapiro) sponsored by Urban Culture Project, Boley Bldg., Kansas City, MO., July, 2005

2003 Both/And, Blueglassprojects installation, performance, Prospero’s Books, Kansas City, MO., March 21, 2003.

1993-94 Return of the Soul, A Taxonomy of Community and Spiritual Culture video, 1993-1994.

1993 Creation Spirituality, World Ecological Crisis and Its Correlation to Spiritual Crisis video

1992 Beyond Time, James Surl’s Studio, Splendora, Texas

1992 I Wanna Be A HeroSermons of a Post-Quantum, Neo-Charismatic Man in the Face of a New

Cablevision-Free Epoch installation and performance SAAI Gallery, April 23, 1992, San Antonio, Texas



1998 Work Kansas City Poster Display (printers for Hallmark Cards) for Richard Harris, Chicago, Illinois

1993-1994 Intermedia Experimental Program, Kansas City Art Institute KCAI. 1993-1994

1993 Finalist Yale Summer Program Scholarship, KCAI Kansas City Art Institute, 1993

1992 Best of Show, Spring, 1992 San Antonio Art Institute SAAI

1989-1992 Merit Scholarship, 1989-1992, San Antonio Art Institute SAAI

1993 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Johnson, VT 1993



2018 Gentner and Wendy Drummond, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2017 Duke Dresser, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2015 Gentner and Wendy Drummond, for their McBirney Mansion, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2014 Scott Truby, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2010 Gentner Drummond, Drummond Ranch, Hominy, Oklahoma

2010 Dan Mayo, Tulsa, Oklahoma

1998 Richard Harris, Chicago, Illinois

1996 John Bumgarner, Tulsa Oklahoma

1995 Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Kansas City, Missouri

1993 Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas


Cowers and Gorman Advertising, Kansas City, Missouri

Hall Estill P.A., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gibbon, Barron and Barron P.L.L.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma

John Bumgarner Lands Development L.L.C., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gentner Drummond, Drummond Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Drummond Ranch, Hominy, Oklahoma

McAfee and Taft, P.L.L.C., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma




























Gentner and Wendy Poole Drummond

Barbara Jakobson

Claudine Giedinger

Roger Lloyd

Eveylyn Hatfield

Rhonda Shiflet

Dan and Sherri Mayo

Chad Meier

Joy Whitman

Linda Warren

Gail Everett

Alan Cochran

Rachel Zebrowski

Morey Villareal

George and Rita Singer

Jonathon Katz

Col. Charles and Laurie Garrison

Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Garrison

Mark and Lindsey Neal Kuykendall

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker (Low)

Mr. and Mrs. David Council

Dougal Hansen

Costa Stasinopoulos

Mia Leighty

Austin Hingey

Monica Ross

Jim and Pat Day

Bob and Susan Brchan

Derek and Greta Moore

Diane Gawey-Riley

Marc Saviano

Jesse Aycock

Corey and Christine La Bounty

Clint Stone

Josh Buss

Shane Jewell

Mandi Larson

Bridgett and Don Wood

Linda Wooters

Dustin and Amber Pittsley

Jeffrey Evans

Christorpher Long

Roger and Angela Box

Adam Gilbert

Julie and Jonathon Butts

Annie Ellicott


Jane Hart

Scott and Cindy Truby

Chris Wilsey

(partial list)


Film and Television 1986- (intermittent) present

Art T Shirt Creation and Marketing 1990-1994

Formed Eclectic Wear Inc. 1990, San Antonio, Texas marketing art t shirts to the boutique market

nationally through Teed Shirts, San Marcos, Texas

Developed silkscreen printsfor Richard Harris of Chicago, Illinois, sold through galleries nationally.

Next Art, custom decorative painting services offered throughout the Midwest, 1996-2004